• 24.05.2021

We are people with our pennys. We want to experience everything "according to our rules, our contact, our own truths". Thus makes us feel "better".

In the face of a reality we do not know, we ignore rather than "ask and educating ourselves" we mostly say, "What is that?". Strange finding is acceptable. But we come in many different forms in this life. Some who are much more accepting than us. Some who do not accept all the sides we see and some who chosse to ignore, some that live life from another side or see the life from a different side.

In this spring joy, there are people, children, lives that thrive on all sides, differ from our perception of nature, and read life from another side. Believe in the "right to life" of which we have condemned to die; Not for compassion, but for respect; Not for mercy, but understanding; Not forf tolerance, but from life.

We are in the consciousness of Autism.

In order to strengthen our awareness, we have been working with the founders, consultants and apprentices of LIFE AUTISM SPORTS EDUCATION CENTER. We said "Make A Difference" and have one of our trucks planned for it. With the visitors, consultants and our team, we have equipped the trailer with our handprints. It was a very emotional and a very joyful experience.

With the hope to make a difference! ...